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International Dental Volunteers for Refugees from Myanmar (Burma), Asia


Activities in Refugee Camps

Activities in Refugee camps

Supported by PU-AMI since 2010, we have been working in Maela, Umphiem, and Nupho camps. It mainly focuses on tooth extraction, but we do training programs for “Dental Medics” who operate general treatments in the camps. We are planning a new training program which includes methods of filling treatment.

In November 2014, we started to operate activities in Maeramaluang and Maelau camps supported by Malteser International (MI), a German NGO. We would like to build and develop good relationship with PU-AMI and MI.

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Activities in Refugee camps

Migrant Learning Centers

>International Volunteer by Dentists for Refugees in Myanmar (Burma),Asia

Since 1988, large numbers of refugees have sought asylum in Thailand. It is no surprise that, over the last 20 years, a new generation of children were born. Regrettably, refugees born in Thailand have no nationality. Moreover, there were not any educational facilities.
Thanks to support from charitable Thai enterprises and NGOs, migrant learning centers were established for those children in the areas close to the border. Apparently there are more than 50 centers in the Mae Sot region alone. In learning centers where student numbers are low, there are approximately 40 students. At centers where the role numbers are high, students can number more than 1000. We started to visit these learning centers in 2010, and at that time commenced simple preventative treatments such as dental examinations, extraction of baby teeth, and scaling.
However, the reality is that we are unable to treat everyone. This is due to the overwhelming number of children. Furthermore, the oral health of these children is poor, and our examinations show tooth decay in the lower first molar in over 40% of students between the ages of six and fifteen. Even if these children are aware of their decayed teeth, they are not in an environment where they can easily get treatment from a dentist. Tooth decay means the loss of teeth.

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Paw Bula Hta Clinic

We just started to support a small obscure hospital along the border!

Paw Bula Hta ClinicPaw Bula Hta Clinic is located in a village south of Nupho (refugee camp)along the border. A woman standing next to Dr.Taka is Nana. She used to work at Mae Tao Clinic as a medic and opened this clinic in 2000. However, unfortunately, the clinic building was totally destroyed by the Burmese Army in 2008. Then, Nana rebuilt it in 2009 and it continues up to the present time. Full-time medics are 5. Everyone is new and young. In this village, many children still get malnutrition and malaria patients overflow in the clinic during the rainy season.

In April 2015, the first dental training was organized. About 20 dental medics came and learn basic knowledge of dental clinic and tooth extraction. With a support by Australian dental doctors, the instruments for tooth extraction were donated. We would like to continue supporting to Paw Bula Hta Clinic as well as to small ethnic villages under a poverty state along the border.

Paw Bula Hta Clinic Paw Bula Hta Clinic

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