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“Borderless Dentists NZ Experience”

“Borderless Dentists NZ Experience”Two New Zealand dental students joined “Borderless Dentists” during their summer vacation in January 2016. They had a precious experience at Meala refugee camp, three schools and Mae Tao Clinic.

Borderless Dentists NZ Experience PDF





“Memories of the People”

Dr. Kamal and Dr. Gregory joined "Borderless Dentists" from Australia in April, 2015.
This was the second time for Dr. Kamal since his first visit in 2013.
For his friend, Dr. Gregory, it was the first report to Borderless Dentists.
They visited two refugee camps and Paw Bula Hta Clinic in a small village along the border.

“Memories of the People” PDF

“Memories of the People” “Memories of the People”

Volunteers from Slovenia

In November 2014, a dentist and a primary school teacher from Slovenia came to participate to our activities. They gave dental treatment in the refugee camps and lectures about basic knowledge of teeth at the migrant learning centers. Here are their impressions.

Volunteers from SloveniaAfter one month of our trip around Southeast Asia, seeing all aspects of it, I and my girlfriend hardly expected this time. With very basic image of situation around Burma border we did not have any expectations about how our volunteer work will looks like. Probably because of word refugee which in my eyes represents something horrible, I was prepared to even worse situation. After first two days, when we managed to get deeper insight into life around Mae Sot, the life of Burma and especially Karen refugees we were a little bit surprised….

Mae Sot And Borderless Dentists(the full text) PDF

Volunteers from Slovenia  Volunteers from Slovenia


Dental students from England

Two dental students from Newcastle, England, had a great experience in July 2014. Here is their detailed report about it.

Dental students from England 

Dental students from England(the full text) PDF

Elective report PDF

Application to Vounteers

Participation of International volunteers are very welcomed. We look forward to working with dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental technicians, and students who are interested in the volunteer services for migrant learning centers and refugee camps. Your preferable programs can be arranged for a group consisting of 2-4 participants with some expenses including transportation to each service area. Every participant will be required to send an application form and a passport copy.

Please contact us by e-mail for details.

-Medical license will be necessary for treatment. It is prohibited direct medical practice by students.
-There are no booking services for transportation to Mae Sot.
-Your requested schedule may not be available for some seasons.

international volunteer international volunteer
international volunteer international volunteer