2022 New Project "Care through Share"

In the past few years, our life has changed and "movement beyond the border" has become closely associated with risk due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Wearing of a mask is now essential and we now spend every day's life while thinking about invisible viruses.

Despite the lift of movement restrictions in many countries, the Director-General of WHO stated in July that "New waves of the virus demonstrate that Covid-19 is nowhere near over". This message reveals that we, the Borderless Dentists, are yet so far from being able to resume our activities on the ground.

So we have launched the "Care through Share" project to send our supports to the fields.

We gather information from the fields and "Share".
We dispatch materials needed by our friends on the ground for "Care".

Our members around the world will send the materials from their own place of living on a regular basis.

Those of you who are interested in joining this project, you are most welcome. We really appreciate your warm supports.

Thank you,

Taka   (Aug, 2022)

The first relief supplies were sent from Japan in July by Taka.

After one week, it arrived at Mae Tao Clinic in Mae Sot. These were mainly daily necessaries (Toothbrush, Brushing Paste, Old Clothes, Mask, Bar Soap ... and so on). Dental staffs provided for patients and refugees.

And the feedback will be passed on next sender.

Care through Share

Thank you for a lot of donations! It arrived one orphanage in Mae Sot on 25th Dec.

A Happy New Year 2023

Dental instruments, Mask, Tooth brush, Brushing paste, Bar soap and so on... It arrived at Mae Tao Dental Clinic from Japan. Thanks you for donations!
4th parcel arrived at School in April, 2023

4th parcel includes stationary for students and old clothes for small children, tooth brush, brushing paste, bar soap and so on...

It arrived at one migrant leaning center in Mae Sot from Japan.

Thank you for donations!